Vilene Woven Interlinings G785/G740

Treat these as you would fabric by following the grain when cutting out. I generally work with the adhesive side to the inside.

Fusing advice
1. Set iron on cotton setting, using a press cloth or a Teflon iron shoe to ensure adhesive dissolves as required.
2. Use a dry iron for three seconds to ‘tack fuse’ and eight seconds to permanently bond.
3. Leave to cool for ten minutes before handling.

Vilene Fusible Bias Tape
Use this tape anywhere that is prone to stretch, shoulder seams, necklines and armholes for example. Ensure that the stitch line of the tape sits on the seam line, widest side to the edge. Use a dry iron, wool setting for six seconds to ensure bonding. Stretch slightly to ease garment onto tape a you press.

T10 tape (formerly bondahem)

This is used to seal hems and other areas in tailoring and soft furnishing.

1. Position the tape where required, adhesive side down onto fabric.
2. Set steam iron on wool setting and place iron on top of paper, which will become transparent when adhesive has dissolved.
3. To seal, peel away paper backing, place fabric to be sealed over resin and steam press to secure. Leave to cool.

For further supplies contact Janet Moville, Director, Modern Approach Sewing School.

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