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Sew with Janet Moville

Janet Moville Tells Her Story…

I was a dressmaker and tailoress for twenty five years before setting up the Modern Approach Sewing School in July 1995, teaching dressmaking and tailoring to all ages and abilities.

My main motivation has always been to bring sewing skills into the twenty first century, teaching modern methods and introducing students to new equipment.

I’m particularly encouraged to see younger students in their teens and twenties adopting these new methods and realising that sewing, along with everything else these days, has advanced with the aid of new technology.

Sewing machines have now been replaced by sewing computers, some of which are completely automated and capable of performing tasks such as embroidering a designer logo at the touch of a key pad!

Freedom of choice is the main reason that students sew these days; freedom to choose the style, colour and fabric and to produce designer originals with a professional finish and that fit correctly. Seeing students progress still gives me the same buzz it did when I first set up the school in 1995!

Janet Moville

  • Tuesday Morning Class at Our Farington Studio

  • Custom Built Single Storey Studio

The year 2017, brought some exciting new changes with the relocation to my brand new purpose built Sewing Studio in Farington, Leyland allowing me to offer a greater variety of classes to suit all ages, abilities and incomes.

The single storey studio in Stevenson Ave Farington, Leyland has ample free parking right outside the door and is a superb location in which to improve sewing skills.

I look forward to welcoming you at the our Sewing Studio soon!

Kind regards,

Janet Moville

Founder of Sew with Janet Moville from The Modern Approach Sewing School

Sew with Janet Moville

Customer Reviews

Review: Janet is a very knowledgeable, patient and talented teacher. She always has time for everyone and explains things in such a clear way that techniques, that once seemed daunting, make sense and are achievable. Lessons are enjoyable and then there is the great sense of achievement that comes from creating something from scratch. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who has an interest in sewing. 5 Stars

Carmen Finn, May 20, 2021

Review: pattern fitting workshop Really enjoyed this course. My bottom half is several sizes larger than my top half, so needless to say, conventional patterns are no good for me. But Janet has taught me how easy it is to make them fit nicely. I no longer have to try to draft my own patterns. Janet has so much knowledge and experience and a great teacher. Recommended 5 Stars

Karen Sheldon, May 19, 2021

Review: Janet is a genius. I took part in the pattern fitting workshop this weekend and learnt so much, it was phenomenal. So many things that I don’t think I would have learnt or understood anywhere else, and Janet made it feel almost easy. Couldn’t recommend it more! 5 Stars

Francesca Warburton , May 18, 2021

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