Trouser construction
  1. Make your cutting more efficient for simple lined garments by stacking the fabric on top of the lining and cutting as one.

    Minor differences to the lining such as the shortening of hems can be traced via carbon paper and tracing wheel and trimmed whilst still on the table. Saves heaps of time!

  2. When using a multi-sized pattern, colour mark cutting lines, darts and match points etc for your size.

    This makes for easier and quicker transference to fabric.

  3. When sewing the shoulder seams of garments, stop at the neck edge seam line to secure, rather than the cut edge.

    This creates a natural opening eliminating the need to clip the seam allowance and makes the attachment of a collar or facing much easier.

    It also means the seam won’t come undone when trimmed and graded because the secure stitching doesn’t extend into the allowance. It also works on trouser inside leg seams too!

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