Using Solufleece

Vilene Solufleece is water soluble fabric used in machine embroidery. Use it to mark out and stabilise buttonholes on knits as well as textured fabrics like Linton Tweeds or busy patterns that are difficult to mark.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to see your markings. Follow these simple steps:

  • Cut a strip of Solufleece the length of the buttonhole area and 6-8 cm (2 ½”- 3”) wide.
  • Mark the first buttonhole position using a water-soluble marker.
  • Remove strip from garment and mark the remaining positions, using a ruler.
  • Pin the strip back into place, between the buttonhole markings. Sew the buttonholes following last month’s tips.
  • Trim away the Solufleece from around the buttonhole. Cut open using a seam ripper. Remember to place a pin across the ends to prevent disaster!
  • Use a damp cloth to dab away the remaining Solufleece. I generally use a piece of kitchen towel to place over the area and gently steam press. This lifts off any remaining residue from the garment.

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