Reversible Peg Bag

lined and reversible peg bag

Fully lined, reversible peg bag

This very useful reversible peg bag is one of our ‘Covid 19 warrior projects‘ aimed at bringing us all together in a common cause in these unprecedented times. They will be simple but practical projects that even newbies can handle without too much difficulty.

The idea being that we can all look back later and get something positive from the experience. That we will all feel closer as fellow human beings, having been through a time of great sadness and loss of life, not to mention the financial implications for the future.

What you will need to complete your peg bag

Two sheets of A4 paper, placed in landscape and taped together with a 2″(5 cm) overlap.

Small coat hanger

Ruler, coloured pens and scissors for cutting paper

Fabric scissors

0.5 metre 150cm cotton fabric. matching thread

Small plate approx 7″ (18cm) diameter for semi circle template

Pre-sewing preparation

  • Draw out your pattern using the hanger as your template, centred on your paper. Add a 3/8″, 1 cm seam allowance.
  • Measure 9/1/2″ (24cm) up from the bottom edge and draw a line across. Find the centre of the line and draw a vertical line 3″ (7.5 cm) down.
  • Take your plate and centre it, so that the base of the curve is sitting on the vertical line. Draw around the plate to form a semicircle.
  • Cut out your pattern and use it to cut four pieces. Two will be the fronts and two will per the backs.
  • It will be assembled so that it is fully lined and reversible. You could use a contrast fabric for the backs, should you wish.


pattern detail

Peg bag pattern marked out.


Cut four layers of fabric from pattern. Set two aside.



Draw semi-circle as stitch line

sew around shape through two layers. stitch length 2.5




trim seams snip corners and curves

Mark seam allowance. Trim, snip into corners and around curves


turn and press

Turn through to right side and press


position layers

Place front (two layers) onto one back, right sides together


 front placed onto back

Place front (two layers) onto one back, right sides together as shown.


sandwich front between backs

Remaining back placed onto front so that fronts are sandwiched between backs.


machine around edges. leave gap at side

Sew around pinned bag, leaving gap at top and side as shown


Leave gap at side approx four inches, ten cm long


grade seam allowances

Trim and grade seam allowance to reduce bulk


grade corners

Trim across corners


turn through opening

Turn through to right side through gap.

press and seal opening

Press all edges. use fusible web to seal opening.



completed peg bag

Fully lined, reversible peg bag


We’d love to see your pics of completed Covid warrior projects!

Why not make it even more practical by lining with a contrast fabric, so two for the price of one; we all love a bargain! Email them to and we’ll post them in our special Covid Warrior gallery. A commemoration of the time the whole world came together in our fight against a common, invisible but deadly enemy.

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