This is how your mask should fit!

This is one of our ‘Covid 19 Warrior Projects’

The aim is to keep in touch, helping and supporting each other in these extremely challenging times.

The projects we cover will be very simple so that even our newbies can get involved. Send me your pics of completed projects and I will add them to my gallery under Covid 19 Warrior Projects!


You will need to save the file to a folder first. Don’t print directly from the page as it won’t be the correct scale.

Use file, print rather than the short cut option. Make sure scale is selected and type 100% in the size box. Measure the 2” box after printing to check it’s the true size.

Click here to download pattern pdf file >>



What you will need

  • Even the largest size pattern will easily fit on a sheet of A4 paper so small remnants of cotton fabric will do.
  • Cotton fabric for main, patchwork fat quarter quality are ideal!
  • Cotton fabric for lining
  • Non woven interfacing, so paper based. It could even be stitch and tear. Non woven is important as it will keep the germs out!
  • Matching good quality thread
  • 20”or 50cm narrow elastic
  • Safety pin
  • Machine set up at stitch length 2.6 or thereabouts
  • Iron at the ready for pressing.


Print off four copies of the pattern so that you’ll have one for each size. The small will fit most ladies, the medium/large sizes most men.

Select the size you need and cut out all pieces.

The lining and the non woven interfacing will be cut the same size, as indicated on the pattern. The main fabric should be 1 1/4’ (3cm) shorter at the side edges. Couture tip – trim a scant 1/8″ (3mm) from the top and bottom edges of the lining to stop it peeking through to the right side.

non woven interfacing, stitch and tear used


face mask simple project

Pin interfacing on WS of fabric. Pin lining RS together, sew along curve, taking 1/4″ 6 mm seams)


face mask simple projects

join main fabric in the same manner. Pin and sew lining, right sides together along upper and lower edges


face mask simple project

turn through to right side. Press under a 5/8″ (15mm)double hem.


Sew along edge to hand casing in place, stitch length 3.


face mask step 5

join elastic to complete the face mask


Elastic inserted and joined.
Tip- sew across the elastic at the top of one side to anchor in place and keep the join inside


Let’s do our best to keep everyone safe for as long as the danger lasts. Send us your pics to  We will add them to our website gallery under Covid warrior projects!

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