Circular bag project

This very colourful circular bag project is one of our ‘Covid 19 warrior projects‘ aimed at bringing us all together in a common cause in these unprecedented times. They will be simple but practical projects that even newbies can handle without too much difficulty.

The idea being that we can all look back later and get something positive from the experience. That we will all feel closer as fellow human beings, having been through a time of great sadness and loss of life, not to mention the financial implications for the future.

Circular bag project complete with button fastening!



Circular bag conundrum; find the circle in the bag.

Solution; the pattern for this bag is made from a number of large circles; three to be precise. Read on to learn more.


What you will need to complete your circular bag project

  • 18″ (45cm) square of cotton fabric for outer bag
  • 18″( 45cm) square of cotton fabric for lining
  • 18″(45cm) square of compressed batting, such as Vilene Thermolam
  • 18″(45cm) square of pattern paper ( Tape five A4 sheets of paper together with a three landscape, two portrait format, overlapping where required to achieve size.
  • Matching or contrast thread
  • 2 metres 3/4″- 1″ (2-2.5 cm) bias binding
  • Button  3/4″- 1″ (2-2.5 cm) in diameter


Equipment you will need to complete your circular bag project

  • 18″  (45cm) ruler ( you could manage with a 12″ (30 cm)
  • Cloth marking pencil, tailors chalk or even a sliver of dry soap will suffice!
  • Quilters pins if possible, dress makers pins will do otherwise
  • Large scissors
  • Medium  scissors
  • Iron for pressing


We will employ quite a few patchwork and quilting techniques so if you have a walking foot, 1/4″ foot, quilting pins and quilter’s rule then please use. As the project’s  aim is to be accessible to newbies, I will be using standard equipment to complete the project.


18″ (45cm) pattern paper folded into four and radius marked to cut pattern of  8 3/4″ (22.5cm)



pattern markings detailed


Pattern details. Cut a 1 1/2″ (4cm) square of paper; Mark in halfway points. Use this to centre square where indicated.


fold pattern along marked lines, use as a template to chalk mark onto pattern.


Centre square onto lining as shown on black circle for clarity. Repeat on right side.


Layer main cotton fabric, Thermolam compressed wadding and cotton lining as shown


Pin to secure each gridded section and machine using a stitch length of five along each line, starting at centre


Practice taut sewing; Pinch the fabric behind the presser foot…………


……whilst at the same time gripping the fabric in front. Put a slight tension between the two. this will help the fabric to feed evenly and prevent dragging and bunching.


Using a large stitch length and moving the needle position four places to the left, ………


……line up the right hand edge of the foot against the marked line. Sew around the square; this will sew 1/4″ (6 mm) seam


Press circle shape along stitching lines to form bag shape. Sides first, then lower front, followed by flap


Press a 4″(10 cm) length of bias binding as follows: first flat, then in half, open out and bring the side edges to the middle. Finally press into four and top stitch close to the open edge. Press into a mitred point as shown.


Centre tab onto upper front flap and machine down using narrow seam stitch length 5. Continue sewing around full circumference.


Mitre corners of binding before pressing down a narrow seam to encase. Finger press in half wrong sides together for the full length


Start sewing around 2″ (5 cm) in from the shaped end. Feed curve into binding, stretching binding and easing curve…….


… prevent it stretching out of shape.
Sew across tab


Trim away excess binding to ensure that it sits neatly inside the folded end


Wrap folded end neatly around underlap and top stitch into place


Fold tab out and top stitch to secure


Carefully cut away square along marked lines


Press back into shape to align cut corners


Fold to inside; pin and sew along side seam stitching guides


Fold back against side seam line to mark finished curve of under side front


Draw in a 1/2″ (12mm) seam allowance from the side seam


Cut along seam allowance. press open and neaten raw edges with a seam and overcast stitch


Top stitch side front to secure


Centre pressed open seam to align cut edges of square to form box shape. Sew a 3/8″ (1 cm) seam.
Snip across seam to release


Seam and overcast edges.


Turn through to the right side and add a button to complete. Press base to box the edges


Circular bag project complete with button fastening!


We hope you enjoyed solving the puzzle, whilst honing your sewing skills. Check out our other Covid 19 warrior projects and look out for our next project coming soon!

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