Tt still amazes me that we now communicate from half way around the world almost instantly through the wonders of technology. So I was delighted to receive a thank you message from Jan O’Conner in New Zealand recently, regarding my Invisible zip method that features on my learning centre page that i’d like to share with you.

invisible zip insertion

From: Jan OConnor, New Zealand

Subject: Invisible zip method

illustrated guide

Message Body:

Hi Janet, just to let you know your invisible zipper method works!! I’ve always struggled with either zipper creep with one side higher than the other, or the invisible zip not being very invisible… your method was easy and quick. I got a completely perfect result on a zipper front yoked dress, it is just perfect and screams in-yer-face skill level – I can hardly believe I did it :). The only thing I would add to your tutorial is bending the top of the zipper tabs 45 degrees out of the way when you start sewing to hide the ends.

thanks again, I’m more than delighted with your tutorial.

Jan OConnor, New Zealand

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