Congratulations Charlotte Congratulations Charlotte

Congratulations Charotte!

Nine year old Charlotte joined the class this week with her gran, Barbara, who’s one of my regular students. Having tried some hand sewing projects with gran previously, Charlotte was keen to try her hand with a grown up sewing machine and was very excited at the prospect!

Practice on paper first

Youngsters are introduced to the sewing machine firstly by practicing sewing on paper, so Charlotte started by deftly following a series of connecting straight lines around a paper maze! Our sewing machines have a speed control, in addition to the foot pedal so that students feel completely at ease and can adjust the speed to a level that they’re comfortable with. This quickly instills confidence which is so important in developing a new skill.

And now with fabric and thread 

Inspired by her pretty impressive achievement on paper,  Charlotte was guided through the threading of the machine with simple explanations of how to operate the machine safely. Then with gran on hand for support, as well as my watchful eye, she started to sew her very first seam!

Pot holder project

Soon Charlotte was sewing seams confidently and progressed well producing her pot holder project, complete with log cabin techniques, wadding insertion and quilted finishing.  Not bad for a single morning’s work!

Afternoon project

Not satisfied with her morning’s efforts, Charlotte then undertook her second project of the day, a lacy fabric zipped pouch. Again following step by step instruction and demonstration, Charlotte learned how to apply fusible quilting fleece, insert a zip and lining, neaten the internal seams and add shaping to the pouch. All under the supervision of a very proud gran and the support of other students attending the class. Well done Charlotte!

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