‘Look what I’ve made!’  Nine year old Lai-yen proudly shows off his iPad cover, made in his very first sewing class. ‘Learning to sew is fun !’ he excitedly told mum Lina who was pleasantly surprised and pleased with how quickly he took to the tasks involved.

This is fun!

This is fun!

The class machines are set to sew at slow speeds for new learners, to help them to gain control and build confidence. Children start by sewing on paper with fun projects such as a sewing maze, followed by dot to dot sewing. This way they can concentrate on gaining good eye, hand and foot co-ordination without having to deal with threads.

Look what I've made!

Look what I’ve made!

Our ‘After school sewing classes‘ start in September, aimed at teaching nine year olds and above the basics of hand and machine sewing.

Early enrolment is advised. See link for details.

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